Meet the Makers: Siana

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Meet the Makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building our makerspace.
Siana is a journey carpenter whom you may remember from her blog post about building a custom bed.

Siana, what is your role at Yukonstruct?
I started out as just a member but I was really excited when they asked me to teach a workshop. I’m now thinking about adding site mod to my resume!

Why did you join?
I joined this makerspace to finally have a place to build all the things I have been dreaming up for the past few years. From costumes to furniture.

What do you like to make?
I like to make furniture. It’s been a passion of mine for a long time. I am looking forward to using the metal working tools to make all my plans a reality. I also enjoy sewing so might find that is my next few pieces.

What are you working on now?
Right now I’m working on a coffee table. I’m going to use the induction forge to bend the legs and then place my reclaimed wood top on. I can’t wait till it’s done!

What advice do you have for other makers in the Yukon?
Don’t be shy! Everyone has so much potential and creativity, you just have to unleash it. YuKonstruct is the perfect place to do just that.


Showing off some steampunk costumes Siana made
Showing off some steampunk costumes Siana made