Donate your spare tools to YuKonstruct!

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We have got the space – now we need the tools!

We’ve done our research, created funding applications and submitted them to allow us to purchase the big items for the makerspace. If successful, these items will include a laser cutter, a CNC machine, a 3D printer, an induction forge, an industrial sewing machine among others. It is extremely exciting! When we know if these funding applications get approved, we will share more news.

In the meantime we are looking for donations of any tool in working condition.

Throughout the summer, while we await funding approval, we want to host fun workshops and have you join us. In order to do that, we need simple tools. Everyone is likely to have a hammer, or spare drill that you no longer use. At YuKonstruct, we could give it a good home and put it to use!

Here are some examples of tools we could use:

Our tool wish list

As our thank you for your donation, we invite you to join us to our Tool Drive BBQ eventHammers for Hamburgers on Thursday June 19 between 5-9pm. Bring your tool and let us treat you to some delicious BBQ fare.


We are also accepting donations of useful (non scrap) raw materials. Things like usable lumberplywood and other similar materials will be helpful. We would also make use of recycled renovation fixtures like a sink, or toilet, or a good amount of leftover tiles so that we can work towards upgrading the kitchen and bathroom in the space.

Perhaps you need us to come over and pick it up?

No problem! Just email us ( and we will be happy to arrange a suitable time to pick up your donation.

Spread the word!

Please be sure to pass this on to those who maybe able to donate to our cause – we sincerely appreciate your help and support. You are helping us build the Yukon’s Makerspace, one tool at a time.