A busy week! Hacking Health (May 9-11) and YuKonstruct Sneak Peak (May 13)

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Hacking Health North is THIS WEEKEND (May 9 – 11, 2014) – Join us!

We are in the last phase of preparing for this weekends hackathon – Hacking Health North!  It is going to be a fantastic event and we hope you can come as a participant for the weekend or stop by as an observer on Friday evening (6:00pm) and Sunday afternoon (2:30pm).

We encourage you to put your fantastic ideas on our Sparkboard! So far, some great ideas have been posted, like a rural services app, a 3D printed custom temporary spare dentures, or even a doctor magnet to help bring and keep doctors in the north!

CBC North

Want to learn more – listen to our recent CBC Radio North interview with Tara McCarthy!

Can’t join us in person? You can pitch an idea, join a team and participate remotely! We will be streaming this event LIVE on YouTube from Whitehorse starting Friday 6pm PDT.

You will also get the opportunity to vote on what you think is the best idea! You must have a Sparkboard login to vote (sign up today!).


What is happening with YuKonstruct?

Don’t worry, while we have been preparing for Hacking Health North we have still been moving forward with YuKonstruct!

There have been some exciting developments that we want to share with you!

Our initial funding is processed, and as of May 6, 2014 we have a signed lease agreement for our new space!  We have spent the past few weeks doing our due diligence, bringing in inspectors, negotiating with realtors, and all the things which come along with this type of commitment. But now we have the keys and we are so excited to officially be able to share this!

We have a YuKonstruct space!! We are so excited!

We have keys!
We have keys!

Now, this is not yet a full makerspace. This is a shell, a place we can build from, and grow into. This is where we need your help, your time, your ideas, and your energy to really make it a community space. We are giving ourselves the summer to do it, and want to officially open our doors and have a functional makerspace by September.  


But that doesn’t stop us from having you come visit to check it out!

We will be hosting a little gathering on Tuesday May 13 from 7-9pm and we invite you to see the new (but empty) space at 135 Industrial Road. You can enjoy some music, food, a beer or two an maybe you can meet an astronaut!

We will also be contacting volunteers as time goes by based on their survey responses to the volunteer section. There will be painting, space planning and lots of exciting things coming up!

If you didn’t get a chance fill out our survey please do so here! This way we can know where to contact you if you have tools to donate or time/skills to share.