Get involved!

Volunteers are what make our community great!

YuKonstruct is a community of makers.

With the help from our amazing volunteers, we are able to do what we do! We are always happy to have more helping hands!

What to expect as a volunteer at YuKonstruct: 

  • valuable work experience and references
  • an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge
  • to meet new people
  • an opportunity to play an important role in the operation of the organisation
  • you’ll gain access to tools, equipment and expertise
  • sweet perk of $5 membership (after 10 hours)

Volunteer Job Opportunities at YuKonstruct

Programming and Communication

These jobs are great for getting to know the organization, helping to provide skills training, and getting the word out there about the makerspace!

Cleaning and Maintenance

These volunteer tasks are great if you prefer jobs that don’t require specific skills and are instantly gratifying!

Special Events and Projects

These are more likely the “one-off” volunteer projects. These include tasks that need to get done and big events that we need extra help for. Find a cool project that interest you and join in or take the lead on it!

Open House Support

During the weekly Open House, there are as many as 25 visitors coming to see the space, chat with members and sign themselves up. Along with the Site Moderator on duty, volunteers give tours and greet visitors. Great way to meet members and learn more about the makerspace! 
Time commitment: Tuesday nights from 7pm-9pm

We send out a bi-weekly newsletter which includes what’s been happening at YuKonstruct, upcoming events and trainings, blog posts, forum discussions and news stories. Getting your help to prepare these newsletters would be fantastic!
Time commitment: from 1-4 hours bi-weekly (this task is often done between two people)


Blog posts
At YuKonstruct, we like to showcase cool projects, news stories, “meet the maker” interviews, and  event summaries on our blog. These blog posts can be written from anywhere, are not lengthy, and have the information and images provided. This is a great way to learn more about what is happening at the makerspace!
Time commitment: 30 minutes (each post is about 200-300 words)

Event planning
There are workshops, trainings, craft nights, movie screenings, community build nights and special events that happen every month at the makerspace. We require help getting these set up! This could be as little as scheduling, and as much as coming up with ideas for workshops.
Time commitment: as much or as little as you choose. This job is done as part of a programming team that communicates through email.

Social Media Support
You probably spend time on Facebook and Twitter anyways, so why not volunteer to help up with ours?
Along with the communications team, you’ll be invited to post about upcoming events, workshop promotion, new updates, cool projects, and related articles.
Time commitment: anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour per week. Post whenever you feel like it and/or whenever you see something worth sharing!

Event support
This job asks that you help set up the space for the workshop or event (ex. pulling the computers outs, setting up chairs), check participants off the list, record attendance, collect cash payments, etc . During the workshop/event, you would be the “go to” person for the instructor. Specific expertise on workshop topics is usually not necessary.
Time commitment: from 1.5-4 hours during event (usually on Thursday evening)
Workshop or Training Facilitation
Got a skill to share? A neat project you can teach? A desire to teach others how to use equipment?
There’s a need for more instructors and facilitators in all sorts of programming areas.
We offer train-the-trainers!
Time commitment: Training sessions are once a month for 1.5 hours each. Workshops can be a one-off or a series and are usually 1.5-3 hours. Teaching one class counts as 10 hours of volunteer work! (instructors can also choose to be paid instead of collecting volunteer discount)
Site Moderating
Opening the space, closing up, greeting members, and keeping track of who is working and where. This job is great for members that want extended hours to the space!
Time commitment: scheduled weekly or bi-weekly shifts of 3 hours.
Each month, we have new workshops, trainings and special events that are advertised on a poster. Getting the posters made and posted is an easy job for someone looking to walk around town while helping out the organization!
Time commitment: anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours
Clean Team!
Our space requires cleaning! We have lots to do around the main space: from vacuuming to organizing cupboards; window washing to watering plants.
Time commitment: 1-4+ hours. Commit to a weekly shift or pop in anytime to tackle a task or two.

Building upgrades
Occasionally, we have projects and renovations that require a team to get done. Examples of past projects: our recently reno’ed Hackerspace, adding another bathroom to our space, and creating locker spaces in the woodshop.
Time commitment: 2-4+ hours


Fire wood
Heating the wood shop in the winter takes work. Put some physical activity and muscle building to your volunteering by chopping and stacking firewood.
Time commitment: from 15 minutes to 1 hour
Waste management
We have garbage, recycling, wood scraps and sawdust that need to be removed from the makerspace. This job could involve you taking it to the dumpster or all the way to the recycling center or dump.
Time commitment: 15 minutes to 1 hour.
Work bench for sewing room
Beside the industrial sewing machine, a work station is needed. Getting a bench/table made would be ideal so that it can be the same height and width of the one with the machine. See the forum discussion for ideas.
Time commitment: 2-4+ hours



Paint the floor
We could really use a nice sanding job and some paint on the floor between the main space and the digital fab room. This is a one-off job that is a great task for someone looking to get dirty!
Time commitment: 3 hours



Community Project

YuKonstruct has been involved with projects such as parade floats, giant effigies and little free libraries! These community projects come in all shapes and sizes. They are awesome ways to meet new people, learn new skills and get involved in the community.
Time commitment: 2-5+hours

Photography/Graphic Design

If you have skills with this, take some great pictures of our equipment and space that we can use on the website and in other communications. You can even design feature images and graphics for events and the newsletter.
Time commitment: 15 minutes to 3 hours

If you have other skills that haven’t fit in with any other jobs yet, please connect with us to discuss areas of interest you have and I am sure there are jobs we can kind for you!
Want to spruce up our website? Interested in creating a project for the space? Maybe you want to install a self-watering plant station? Let us know!


Let us know if you: 

Want to volunteer!

Please tell us what you are interested in doing and when you’re free to do it!

Have a job or project idea

Let us know what needs to get done. We’ll add it to the list.

Completed a job

Now that the job is moving forward or done, let us know! We can remove it or change it from our list of jobs. Thanks for doing this work!

Write to us: 

We are happy to answer questions or concerns.

You can even get signed up for the volunteer email list!