Get involved

Volunteers are what make our community great!

With the help from our amazing volunteers, we are able to do what we do.

We are always happy to have more helping hands!

What to expect as a volunteer at YuKonstruct: 

  • valuable work experience
  • an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge
  • an opportunity to play an important role in the operation of the organisation
  • access to tools, equipment and expertise
  • sweet perk of $5 membership (after 10 hours)

Volunteer Opportunities at YuKonstruct

Training & Workshops

These jobs are great for helping the organization to provide skills training! Everyone has something they are good at, and teaching classes allows us to transfer that knowledge to others. If you have something you love, we would love to help you share it. You could teach people how to weld, sew or build a sled, we don’t mind.
Expression of interest - Instructors

There’s a need for more instructors and facilitators in all sorts of programming areas.

We are currently looking for:

  • Welding 101 instructors,
  • 3D designers,
  • AUTOCAD instructors,
  • SketchUp instructors,
  • Basic electronics & Circuit Soldering instructors.

For more information, please contact Logan ()

Site Moderators
Opening the space, closing up, greeting members, and keeping track of who is working and where. This job is great for members that want extended hours to the space! Time commitment: scheduled weekly or bi-weekly shifts of 3 hours. For more information, please contact Logan ()


These are more likely the “one-off” volunteer projects. These include tasks that need to get done and big events that we need extra help for. Find a cool project that interests you and join in or take the lead on it!
Yukonstruct Makerspace is currently looking for 2 community members to sit on the makerspace committee.

“The organization has strived to include members’ voices in discussions and decisions that affect them….
Because both YuKonstruct and (co)space are designed to support the passions and aspirations of their members, it is essential for members to have a strong voice in the decisions and operations of the organization.” (Strategic Plan 2016-2019)

Yukonstruct has always understood the value of feedback from active members of both the makerspace and cospace, though we have struggled as a society with maintaining both community involvement and a streamlined governance structure. The Board of Directors has recently decided to implement a committee structure to allow for more detailed review of decisions and policies. Included in this change is one committee dedicated to the makerspace and one to the coworking space. Each of these committees will incorporate community/member feedback as a part of their mandate.

The committees are both an advisory council to staff and an opportunity for staff to present ideas and round out proposals before they are submitted to the Board for approval. The committees will also be an avenue for the membership to present ideas to the Board.

Committee member commitment:

  • 1 meeting per month 1.5-2hrs
  • Commitment to sit on the committee until the next AGM (usually held in May or June)
  • Next Makerspace Committee meeting to be held September 15th @ 5:30 at the makerspace
  • Serve as a conduit for face-to-face communication with members-at-large. Filling this role may include having your profile added to the ‘Our Team’ webpage as a representative of the committee.

As committees are a new tool being used by the Society, the structure and requirements of the committee may be changed or updated as needed

Please send your interest/application to . Include your contact info with a personal introduction and why you would like to join the makerspace committee as a community representative. Applications will be accepted until Sept. 13th at 5pm.


Write to us: 

We are happy to answer questions or concerns.