Frequently Asked Questions

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When did YuKonstruct start?

Our official opening was September 16, 2014, but we were started several months before. On January 14, 2014 when we asked the Yukon if they wanted a makerspace and over 220 turned up to say YES! More on that here. We were founded as a society in February 2014 and worked hard to secure a space, and the tools to fill it!

Eight short months, many many cool events, and a few sleepless nights later and YuKonstruct opened it’s doors to the community.

What tools do you offer?

Good question. We offer a wide range of tools within each of the key areas within our space. These include a general workspace, a woodworking area, a metalworking area, computer and classroom space, textile area, electronics space and digital fabrication area.

Tools of mention include CNC routers, welders,  an industrial sewing machine,  3D printers and a laser cutter.

You can refer to our Equipment List, or even better, come check us out in person!

Can anyone use the tools?

Not quite. Only members are allowed access to our tools. All members are required to take appropriate safety and training courses prior to being able to have full access to tools. No minor (under 18) is able to work in our shop, or be in our space, without a responsible adult present. We want to ensure you are safe!

Do you offer workshops?

Indeed we do. We have a wide variety of workshops available. Our current workshop schedule can be found here. You’re welcome to sign up for them even if you’re not a member yet. Do note however, that our members do receive a discount on workshops.

How much is membership?

We have our membership information listed here.

I can't wait to get started, what do I do next?

Best thing to do is join us on an Open House night. Any Tuesday at 7 pm. Come by and let us show you around!


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